Nike Offers Interactive Mobile Marketing Campaign

Nike has always been quick to embrace new technologies and marketing approaches, and its marketing campaigns (tv, print, web, mobile, you-name-it) are always something to remember. And that’s one of the reasons why it’s such a big brand!

A couple of highlights that quickly spring to mind, include:

  • the bluetooth marketing campaign they were running (at least) in Nike Town, London in 2006, where people were invited to turn on bluetooth on their mobile phones in order to receive videos and other promotional multimedia content,
  • the NIKEiD campaign in 2007, that allowed the public to design their own trainers, with their photo, shoe and a line written by them, appearing in near-real-time in NikeTown, on the NIKEiD website and on cube installations on the streets of London. The NIKEiD street cubes also provided studio appointments via Bluetooth, in order to reach a wider audience.
Recently Nike also launched the Nike Goal iPhone application, which is a free app that offers live score updates for the Italian league, and statistics for Nike players who have scored goals, information on the football boot worn by the scorer, which boots have scored the most goals, etc. Cool!

This might not be the most useful app ever, but I know people who would (and do) pay to get a live score service on their mobile phone, and now they can get that for free! A great mobile marketing example from Nike, who offer a useful service to drive adoption of the application by mobile users, bundled with their marketing message.

The application is available on the iTunes Apps Store and soon on // and //

It’s great to see new and interesting mobile marketing campaigns from Nike. It’s these companies that, with their adoption of the mobile marketing approach, drive the market, leading us to hope for a more promising (mobile-marketing-wise) 2009.

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