Mobile Phone Takes Place of Your Steering Wheel

This is certainly one of the coolest things I have seen lately! It’s not mobile marketing related, but how can I not post about driving a car using a mobile phone?

If you think I’ve lost it (or spent too long watching James Bond) just check out the BBC news article with the really cool video! The phone in question is the iPhone (got the 3GS last week), and yes, there’s still some way to go before this project is even close to reaching the market, but don’t tell me you didn’t get excited watching that!

I’d heard about this sort of research going on, but this is the first real example I’ve seen.. And there’s just so much this can change in our daily lives, it’s astonishing..

Obviously, the mobile phone is only a small part of this huge project, but the fact that the mobile phone is included, is another indicator of just how much it has brought technology into our daily routines.

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