iPhone vs. Android User: Who is more valuable??

Here’s a new dimension to the Android vs. iPhone debate: the ‘value‘ of the respective platform user in terms of average revenue generated.

According to a very interesting infographic by mobile advertising provider Mobclix.com, (spoiler alert) iPhone users generate nearly 20% extra revenue, while Android users click more often on in-app advertisements.

iPhone users produce an Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of $9.50 while Android users are producing only $7.20, according to the research.  In terms of ad-clicks, 33% of Android consumers have clicked on in-app ads, while 26% of Apple users clicked ads.  Interestingly, while having a much smaller audience in general, 29% of Windows Mobile users have clicked on in-app ads — beating out Apple for the number two spot.

To arrive at these numbers, researchers analyzed free apps with more than 500,000 downloads or 75,000 active users.  ”Active Users” were described as using an app three times per week for at least five minutes.  The full infographic is embedded below in all its glory.

So, who wins you ask… iPhone or Android? Well, isn’t it obvious?

The mobile marketer… this mobile advertising performance beats the traditional media hands down…

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  1. Here I am sharing few best feature and who is best in this features,
    – Ease of Use : iPhone
    – Openness: Android
    – Battery Life: iPhone
    – Software Keyboard: iPhone
    – Notification system: Android
    – Voice-to-Text: Android
    – Non-Google Sync: iPhone
    – Tethering: Android
    – Gaming: iPhone
    – Music Player: iPhone
    – Free Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Android
    – Customizable: Android

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