NFC White Papers

There’s still relatively few white papers freely available about NFC as a technology and the prospects it offers us, as developers, marketers or consumers. 
I’ve tried to put together a list of the most useful resources I’ve come across so far, in my search for these.

Please let me know if you have other white papers you’re aware of that I can add below: 

NFC Forum White Papers

The extensively illustrated paper offers an easy guide to understanding what an NFC Smart Poster is, what is required to develop NFC Smart Posters, and how to avoid common obstacles when creating them. Through numerous use cases, the paper highlights ways in which NFC Smart Posters are already in use around the world, benefiting industry and consumers alike.

This white paper describes significant potential benefits for both travelers and transport operators. It provides an introduction to the potential uses, advantages, and setup of NFC technology in public transport programs. The paper covers a broad range of transport options, ranging from trains, buses, and subways to taxis, ferries, automobiles, and bicycle rentals. It also includes a variety of descriptive use cases and best practice examples of implementations.

In this white paper, the NFC Forum analyzes how to expand the existing contactless card ecosystem to enable NFC mobile services, identifies new functionalities in this ecosystem, and discusses additional functionalities.

This white paper highlights the capabilities of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and its potential to transform our everyday lives. It reveals how NFC will transform standalone wireless networking resources into truly interoperable communications media for accessing public transportation and facilities, making retail payments, transferring data, discovering new information, and more. 

Other NFC White Papers:
The white paper – called ‘The Benefits of Mobile NFC for Air Travel’ – highlights how NFC can benefit passengers in six different areas:passenger check-in;baggage check-in;security check-points;lounge access;boarding;and post-flight. As outlined in the white paper,“This document identifies the benefits that Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC,also known as the “SIM card”)-based,mobile Near Field Communications (NFC) services can bring to the airline industry,airport authorities and the air-traveller.”
“Our NFC Business Models research report sets out the latest thinking from around the world on what successful NFC services will look like, the building blocks that will need to be put in place in order to drive adoption of NFC services, the roles and responsibilities of each of the numerous players in the value chain and the business strategies that are most likely to succeed,” Sarah explains. 
The NFC Business Models white paper is based on the executive summary and key findings from the full research report. It introduces a number of concepts that are fundamental to understanding how the NFC market will evolve and includes details of ten of the most important findings from the research report.
The white paper can be downloaded free of charge from the SJB Research website at //
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  1. Near Field Communication or NFC Technology has not been previously available in the UK. There are very few NFC enabled phones in the market place. This is about to change as more Smart Phone manufacturers see the value in NFC Technology. The Nexus S Smart Phone has it installed; RIM the makers of Blackberry devices have recently said NFC will come as standard in all their bold Smart Phones and Nokia have said they will install NFC technology in all coming smart phones. NFC usage is likely to exponentially grow as Samsung have announced special branded Olympic Games phone will be given to all participants and they will make this Smart Phone available to the general public. McDonald’s have installed NFC readers in all their UK stores allowing NFC phone users to pay for purchases by simply swiping their phones next to the readers.
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  2. NFC has been around for awhile…I’m glad the U.S. has decided to catch up. In 2005 when I lived in S. Korea everyone there would purchase tickets to ride the train buy simply waving their cell phones over a device. We have yet to see this still in many metropolitan American cities. I just hope we’re not 6 years late to the next big innovation party.

  3. It’s amazing the things you can do with your mobile phones these days! Not only are companies using shortcode campaigns to sign people up to lists to market to via mobile phones, but then you have the amazing NFC technology. With NFC you can monitor vital health readings, Buy tickets for trains/planes/busses, and even unlock doors in hotel rooms, car doors, and more. It’s simply amazing!

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