Print Coupons Are Dead. Long Live Mobile Coupons! [INFOGRAPHIC]

I came across the following infographic that presents some useful stats for those of you looking into mobile coupons. I fully share the opinion that print advertising is slowly dying its painful death, the more we all move into a world where we become more and more dependent on our personal electronic devices (laptops, tablets, mobiles, etc.).
A rough economy and the increasing popularity of mobile phones has reversed a 14 year decline in coupon redemption in the United States. Driving this growth is paperless distribution and frugal consumer habits changing in response to the recession. With 5.3 billion mobile phone owners (77 percent of the world population) and the next generation of Smart phones featuring Mobile Wallets (with embedded coupon services) in development, paper based coupons are set to decline even further. In this infographic we look at the information surrounding this decline:
 The Death of Printed Coupons and the Rise of Digital


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