Mobile Payments: Who Are The Key Players? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today’s post is about the all-exciting mobile payments sector, that’s just waiting to take off… 
The following infographic presents the key players in the fields and has all the company names that you want to be looking out for! In the words of the creators:
Now we’re being asked about all of the companies that seem to be jumping into the mobile payment game. It’s a good question. Almost every day a new player enters the market.
And why is that? Because so much is at stake. The expectation is that a large percentage of the $6.2 trillion in credit card transactions is going to migrate to mobile. (And that doesn’t even include other transaction types that could be supplanted by mobile payments.)
So we thought we’d try to shed some light on the companies that are entering the market and how they’re placing their bets. And what better way to do that than with another infographic. Our shiny, new infographic shows the game, the stakes, the players and their wagers.

We’ll be honest: it’s hard to keep all the players and their bets straight. So if you see a company we missed, or think we need to move our chips to another bet, let us know in the comments below.
Click on the big poker chips in the infographic to learn more about the companies in each category. Use the embed code below the infographic to publish it on your website or blog.

The High Stakes World of Mobile Payments [Infographic]
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