Pitfalls of Forex Trading

The Forex trading market is a very competitive market. While some people suffer losses, others get moderate success, but there are only a few that really achieve grand success. This article will highlight how you can succeed at Forex trading by outlining what to avoid since it could result in a loss of your investment.

Looking for Magic

A number of traders spend most of their lives waiting for the magic indicator, the one that they think large investors have access to. They believe that once they have the magic indicator, money will start to pour in and they’ll earn great profits in a short span of time. In reality though, that is not the case.

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How to Build Mobile Apps in 2016

Andrew Gazdecki, the CEO of Bizness Apps, a leading DIY mobile app platform for small businesses, reached out to share his company’s newest infographic on how to build mobile apps in 12 easy steps.

“There are tons of app building programs out there that can help you make your vision a reality, but the simple truth is with some planning and methodical work on your part, the process is fairly simple,” said Gazdecki. “But with this easy step by step process anyone can build mobile apps for their business, idea, or just for fun. This guide covers everything you’ll need to get started with mobile app development.”

To help aspiring app makers learn the ropes, Bizness Apps created the following infographic — How To Build Mobile Apps In 12 Easy Steps. Check it out below.

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Location Based Advertising & In-Store Music – An Infographic

Bricks & mortar retailers often worry that technology is costing them business. What many of them don’t realise is that they can use it to their advantage. When you consider that 72% of customers act on a call to action when in sight of a retailer, investment in location based advertising seems like a no brainer.

It is important to note that 61% of app users have a higher opinion of a brand when it provides them with a good mobile experience, so it is vital that retailers have important online information mobile optimized.

Getting to the customer to your store is half the battle, but it is also important

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Telecoms Event in Africa

I’ve long been looking for an exhibition or conference that would help me travel to Africa, as I’ve always been fascinated about what I’ve heard about the unspoiled beauty you can find there and the great variety of places you can visit. There just seem to be so many natural sights to see and I’m a very ‘nature’ type of guy.

I’ve so after looking around and talking to a number of partners and friends, it turns out the main telecoms event in Africa, is AfricaCom, which is held in Cape Town. The event takes place around mid November (17-19 November this year) and it attracts around 10.000 attendants and close to 400 exhibitors.

Huge Place

I’m not sure how well you’ve realized this, but Africa is a BIG (BIG!) place. The image below really sums it up nicely!

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MWC15: See you in Barcelona!

It’s *this* time of the year again and Barcelona is waiting for MWC15!! The biggest event in mobile, the Mobile World Congress, is just around the corner again and it’s waiting the 80K+ of us who will be there to meet, discuss and decide about the next trends in the mobile sector.

Unfortunately this year, GSMA has made a bit of a mess of their networking tools (not to say that they were great during the previous years…) so it’s harder to find those of you attending to meet up in person again, but I already look forward to meeting the usual suspects there !!  ; )

If anyone else wants to meet up, just drop me an e-mail, as we’ll be exhibiting there again this year (see PR below) !

Mobile Messaging software provider Cytech Mobile will, once again, participate as an exhibitor in the Mobile World Congress 2015 which will be held in Barcelona Spain.

Following previous years’ success, Cytech Mobile, will participate at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2015 in the Greek Stand, App Planet, Hall 8.1 I49.

After three years of consecutive presence as exhibitor at MWC, this year our team will present the new Amazon Cloud – based version of the mCore Business Software suite.

Use the Cloud to scale when your SMS traffic grows!

As your sales and monthly SMS traffic grow, so can your infrastructure!

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mCommerce : Xmas Stats

Mobile use is growing, and with it follows mobile commerce (mCommerce). We recently covered mobile market statistics for 2015, showing the meteoric rise of mobile devices. Now, I think it is time to take a look into how these devices are used by consumers.

Although mobile shopping has grown a little more slowly, it has certainly recently reached a tipping point. 13ten have investigated eCommerce sales over Christmas (2014) and discovered that mobile shopping has significantly added to the recent rise of eCommerce overall.

Mobile devices now account for around 50% of all eCommerce traffic and around 25% of eCommerce sales, so consumers really are adopting smartphones and tablets as devices to purchase on as retailers make it easier for them to do so. Take a look at the recent figures to see how mobile use affected eCommerce this Christmas:

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Bulk SMS reaches new heights

Founded in 1965, the British Balloon and Airship Club (BBAC) is a volunteer based organisation that aims to promote the safety and advancement of flying hot air balloons and airships in the United Kingdom. The club prides itself in looking after the interests of its members and in doing so also parents the BBAC Competitions club that hosts and organises competitive balloon flying.

The BBAC Competitions club runs four competitive events annually where members and balloon enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of competing approximately 2,000 feet off the ground. The competitions are also vital in the selection process for the UK team that goes to the European and world ballooning events.

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Mobile Marketing Strategies that Really Work

Busy consumers are surfing via their smart phones and tablets. For business owners, this means tailoring their internet based marketing campaigns to mobile users, using mobile marketing strategies. As with any other marketing niche, there are strategies that work better than others. Here are ten tips and techniques that may assist business owners and marketing professionals reach an increasingly mobile audience.

1. Websites Must be Mobile Friendly

Mobile users will click away almost immediately if a company’s website is difficult to navigate from their devices. Unfortunately, many small business owners do not themselves have the technical ability to make browsing as seamless as possible, and hiring a web designer may be cost prohibitive. Now the good news.

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Mobile Market Statistics 2015

In less than five years, smartphones and tablets reached 40 percent saturation in the US alone and by 2017 mobile market statistics state that there will be over 10 billion connected mobile devices. The meteoric rise of the mobile devices, especially the smartphone, is due to more than just simple convenience. Consumers began adopting it rapidly into their life for several reasons:

  • Personalization – While later feature phones allowed you to set different backgrounds for your phone, it doesn’t quite give people quite as much power to customize their phones as smartphones today. Besides changing the entire user interface appearance of your phone, there are also millions of apps to download for every activity you take part in.
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